Calsur Property Management was originated in December of 2012 – the core company was established in May 1997. It is owned by Mike and Cynthia Essary. Mike has been in real estate management for over 25 years. Cynthia has been doing real estate accounting for over 30 years. Both Mike and Cynthia have worked for local and LA real estate companies and banking institutions.

In addition to the individuals below, Calsur’s team includes several roving maintenance workers, additional field managers, and various on-site managers/caretakers.

Mike Essary

Owner & Broker of Record

Owner of Calsur Property Management and Broker of record. Mike handles the primary broker functions and the larger assets. He also acts as court receiver for institutional properties throughout Southern California. In accord with Calsur’s hands-on approach, Mike is involved with all of the day-to-day activities and provides support and back-up to the staff.


Cynthia Essary


Owner of Calsur Property Management. Cindy is responsible for the accounting, payroll, and oversight of all other accounting functions. Her familiarity with all aspects of real estate and corporate accounting lend to a smoothly run accounting division – a critical part of the management assignment.


Sylvia Wrosz

HOA Property Manager

Sylvia handles our HOA management accounts and deals with the Boards, homeowners, and vendors on a daily basis. Her experience and interaction with different size and location HOA’s allows her to be flexible to our client’s needs. Sylvia is also bilingual in Spanish.



Yesenia Alvarado

Assistant Property Manager

Yesenia supports our managers as well as conducting large amounts of our administrative work. Yesenia is also an on-site manager on one of our assets. Yesenia is also bilingual in Spanish.

(858)560-1178 EXT 303


Jennifer Peltier

Rental Property Manager

Jennifer is our primary contact for our rental property portfolio. She handles owners-tenants-vendors and also supervises leasing and move-outs.

(619)339-1322 TEXT INQUIRIES


In addition to the above individuals, Calsur’s team includes several roving maintenance workers, additional field managers, and various on-site managers/caretakers.

Though not extensive in size, the Calsur team is a very tight knit group and is focused on providing service, and everyone is willing to help each other. There is a policy of open communication and disclosure of company direction that adds to the team spirit of the Calsur people.

Calsur uses all modes of technology to ensure its clients receive accurate and timely service. Communication is the key to property management over an extended market area and the Calsur team uses everything at its disposal. Key personnel have cell phones and pagers and those numbers are given to anybody needing to get in contact with them; including the residents. The office has full computer capabilities, fax and modem usage, and the latest in credit verification and real estate information systems.

Our accounting systems are customizable and Mike and Cindy have extensive experience with various accounting requirement. Calsur’s approach to client reporting requirements is “How do we do it right, and how can we make it easier?” This has pleased many clients who know they don’t have to worry about their individual requirements being met.

Calsur’s current portfolio of properties includes assets ranging from SFR’s, multi-family properties, and condominium HOA’s, small and large retail, office, industrial and some institutional assets.

In addition to the management duties we conduct, Mike also acts as a broker in commercial and residential sales. Calsur’s direct involvement in the management of assets listed for sale has helped ensure maximum value and smooth transactions for our clients. Calsur Property Management has closed over $30,000,000 in real estate sales since inception.
Our assets have been in the following counties: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Kern.

We currently manage 100+ properties comprising over 500 rental units. Our portfolio has single family residential, multi-family apartment buildings, homeowner’s association management, retail and commercial. Additionally, we frequently have receiverships and REO management assignments.