HOA Management

Traditional management of HOA’s involves various fees for different essential services; monthly assessment billing, homeowner meeting attendance, owner transfers, mortgage/escrow statements. Calsur’s management is done with a single flat fee for management so HOA’s are better able to budget and control the management portion of their expenses.

Calsur’s approach to HOA management is similar to our income property philosophy – personal involvement and attention to details.

Our portfolio of HOA’s includes smaller communities with personal interaction between owners up to large, more complicated HOA’s.

Our services included employee and payroll oversight where required, budget preparation and review, emergency maintenance services, financial reporting services, reserve fund supervision. All of these are include in the flat monthly fee which Calsur charges.

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As an outstanding family owned and operated San Diego property management company, we at Calsur successfully manage a large variety of income properties including: apartment communities, homes, condominiums, commercial and retail investments.