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Traditional management of HOA’s involves various fees for different essential services; monthly assessment billing, homeowner meeting attendance, owner transfers, mortgage/escrow statements. Calsur’s management is done with a single flat fee for management so HOA’s are better able to budget and control the management portion of their expenses.

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To order HOA documents, please email our HOA Manager Sylvia Wrosz at sylviacalsur@gmail.com. Please be made aware that ordering of documents and certificates will take about a week or so, unless a rush fee is paid. Our rush fees to guarantee a timeline are available as such:

1 day- $200
3 day- $150
5 day- $100

Rush fees are payable to Calsur Property Management and effective from the date of receipt. Please include any need for a rush in your request, along with certificates to be filled out, as we do not provide them.

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